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Hoppers Pub is located on the square in downtown Waynesville, MO at 318 Historic 66 East.

Waynesville, now a city of over 4,000 residents, was established in 1833. It was named for the famous
Revolutionary War hero, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne. It is the oldest town in Pulaski County.
Waynesville is rich in history and abounding in folklore. Most of the native population in this area came
by wagon train from Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and some from even further

Waynesville first began as trading post for settlers and trappers.  Then during the Civil War, when
Waynesville area was chiefly pro-Southern a fort was built on a bluff in Waynesville by the Union Army
to protect the Wire Road, a main supply route that ran from St. Louis to Springfield. Although the fort is
no longer standing, one historical building still in existence is the Old Stagecoach Stop, a lovely pre-civil
war structure on the east side of the town square.

And, from an era closer to our time, Historic Route 66 runs through the center of Waynesville adding
charm and nostalgia to the town.